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Eiffel, I’m in….? – Day 1Part 2

We were really enjoying Versailles Palace,but the clock showed that it’s already 2 o clock,   from Versailles Palace we rushed back into the station, since we had a meeting with Echa. She is a parisian whom I showed her around Eindhoven 2 months before this journey. That time… It was her time to show us around 🙂


At the Versailles station I found that my train day-ticket was lost. A ticket which can be used travel around Paris using train, usually subway though.Argh… It cost me around 10 euro’s or 120.000 Rupiah since the ticket was for 4 area’s. In Paris, they divide the railway into many areas. Area 1-3 are the inner part of Paris, the rests are the outer ring of Paris. The picture above shows that the lighter color is on the inner part of Paris, and the darker part is the outer part. We were on the outside of the inner ring, and the destination is St.Michel

Notre-Dame de Paris

We went to St-Michel using RER(Réseau Express Régional or “Regional Express Network”), but during the journey suddenly Echa sent me a message that she was gonna be late. So we decided to drop by at Notre Dame, a famous church in Paris built starting from 12th until 14th century. The big gothic church was decorated with ornament, and gargoyle. Then, we entered the church just to see what’s inside it. Inside the church the medieval flavour was really visible, the glass window, the statue of  Jeanne d’Arc(Joan of Arc), couple of tombs and some candles.

Then, we walk from Notre-Dame to St.Michel along the Seine River(Joan of Arc was burned, her ashes were thrown away to this river). In the middle of walking, I saw there was some kind of water tap since I was really thirsty, I drank it without any second thought, it taste awful… wait a second…. it wasn’t drinkable water..Different from Netherland where you can drink from any tap, in Paris you can only drink if there is a sign “drinkable”  -_-”

Seine River

After arrived at the meeting point we saw there was a large fountain statue, image of Archangel Michael. While seeing the fountain, we realized there was a black hair girl wearing black autumn coat, yup.. she was Echa… When we met again, actually I never realized we were going to meet again this soon. After a small chat, we headed to another part of Paris, we had a dinner in a restaurant. We talked about our plan in Paris what suppose to be visited, and re-evaluated again our plan. The map which we got from the hostel at that time was full of writing and many notes ( I still keep it til now as  memento 😀 ). She also told us where we could buy the cheap souvenir of Paris.

Palais Garnier

The pleasant dinner time was finished, we took a small walk.. ah.. Paris was really crowded at night, not like Eindhoven, after 18.00 it’s just like a ghost town. We went to Palais Garnier, the biggest opera house in Paris, also walked by the famous mall of Paris, Galeries Lafayette. The sidewalk also full of attraction and lamps…although it is on early november, but christmas came earlier at that city. It was so fun to walk at night, since Paris was not as cold as Eindhoven.

Galeris Lafayette

Then its time to call it the night, we went back to the hostel using metro. What we like about metro in Paris is the schedule, it’s only 2-3 minutes before another metro departs, no bus nor train has this tight schedule in Netherland.  The metro itself has many lines, to read the metro map you need to be careful if you don’t want to get misdirected.

Paris Metro

In hostel we could see that big church stands at the highest point of Paris… No doubt.. after arrived to hostel we went out again.. Tired defeated by curiousity… We headed to Sacré-Cœur, the catholic church which  built around 1919. The inner part of the church was more “serious” since not many tourists taking photograph. Outside of the church we could see Paris at night.. it was beautiful…

Paris at Night

Satisfied with the view we headed back to the hostel, we thought we could just sleep, but we found a “surprise”. We couldn’t enter our room since the key was not working. We asked to the receptionist, he said that his friends gave us the wrong room, so we need to change -_-” Thank God, the owner of the room were kind, she brought our luggage to the receptionist. What a day… 😀


Kisah Luqman dan anaknya

Dalam berbuat sesuatu kadangkala manusia bergantung dari pendapat orang lain. Kadangkala orang mengatakan A adalah yang benar, kemudian orang-orang melakukan perbuatan tersebut. Tetapi…. pada akhirnya dengan selalu mengikuti pendapat orang lain adakah sesuatu yang bisa didapat?

Luqman, walaupun dia bukanlah seorang nabi ataupun rasul, namanya diabadikan di dalam Al Quran. Alkisah Luqman mempunyai seorang anak yang tidak mempunyai pendirian, dan selalu mengikuti apa-apa yang dikatakan orang lain. Melihat hal ini Luqman ingin memberikan pelajaran kepada anaknya.

Pada suatu hari Luqman masuk ke dalam pasar dengan menaiki seekor keledai, keledai itu tidak terlalu besar dan tidak terlalu kecil dengan anaknya mengikuti dari belakang.

Kemudian mereka melewati sebagian orang, dan orang-orang itu pun berbicara, “Lihatlah orang tua itu, tidak mempunyai kasih sayang kepada anaknya, anaknya dibiarkan berjalan kaki”. Setelah mendengar ucapan dari beberapa orang tersebut kemudian Luqman turun dari keledainya dan anaknya sekarang berada di atas keledai.

Tidak makan waktu lama, mereka menjumpai beberapa orang lainnya, mereka berkata, “Lihat.. orang tuanya berjalan kaki sedangkan anaknya dengan nikmat menaiki keledai itu, sungguh kurang ajar anak itu” Mendengar hal ini akhirnya mereka memutuskan untuk mengendarai keledai itu berdua.

Akhirnya mereka menjumpai beberapa orang, mungkin jaman sekarang mereka adalah kelompok penyayang binatang. Mereka berkata, “Lihatlah kedua orang itu mengendarai keledai yang tidak terlalu besar, betapa kasihannya keledai itu”  Pada akhirnya mereka memutuskan untuk tidak mengendarai keledai itu dan hanya menuntun saja, tak disangka mereka menemui beberapa orang yang berkata, “Alangkah bodohnya mereka, mempunyai keledai tetapi tidak mereka kendarai :D”.

Luqman merasa bahwa pelajaran untuk hari itu sudah cukup untuk anaknya, dan akhirnya mereka pulang ke rumah. Sesampainya di rumah Luqman menasehati anaknya, bahwa jika manusia itu berakal maka dia tidak akan menuruti kehendak setiap manusia, dan mengambil pertimbangan hanya kepada Allah SWT .


Eiffel, I’m in….? – Day 1Part 1

It’s been a year since I visited Paris….  ah… romance was everywhere..great historical building and a lovely night with beautiful french music and french cuisine…  or was it..??? First of all, I went there.. not with my spouse nor my girlfriend. My unforgettable moment is my umbrella taken by some Parisian thugs in a heavy rain, yeah.. I got wet because of  it. For some people think Paris is a romantic city. But I have my opinion about the city, that’s what I want to share with you.

I use to be a  neat and organized person. A month before going there the plan has already been scheduled, map has also been marked. But at the last moment I made a stupid mistake, I found that my bag was too small, then I decided to change it, that’s where my plan was ruined. The charger for my camera, cellphone charger, the map and all the routes was left in Eindhoven.

Paris Metro

But no time for complaining, my bestfriend and I decided to make another plan, which was considered a success. We arrived at the bus station Gallieni, Paris at 6 oclock which was so crowded at that time, many people  were coming from many Destination. From there we were going to Anvers where our hostel located by using Metro(subway). I don’t  know whether We’re the stupid one nor the interface of the ticket machine was strange. We took around 5 minutes just to figure out how the machine works. (“Great Angga and you call yourself a computer science student -_-“)

Gare du Nord

Finally, we arrived at the hostel. We didn’t stay for a long time, just chek-in, and dropped our luggage, since we didn’t want to waste any time. At 08.00 we went to the Gare du Nord, the biggest train station in Paris. The train station itself  has many level, the ground level was for the international train and long distance destination. The lower level was for the RER and Metro(subway). As you can imagine it was so crowded…

Gate of Versailles

After one hour of journey from Paris, we arrived in Versailles where a  famous palace is located. To enter the palace you will need to buy ticket, but if you’re under 25 and have residence permit(europe), it’s free. The first impression I saw the castle was “Are you serious ??? This must be some kind of joke” I have never seen this in entire of my life..   How much money and how much effort to build this state of the art palace. The palace actually was some kind of rest area  for Louis XIII, and also the hunting ground. Then during Louis XIV, he transformed and expanded it, moving the court and government of France to Versailles. For the next 3 generation of kings they modify and enlarge it, until the revolution happened.


Near the main entrance there was a big hall, it was used to held ceremony or party. Then, we enter many beautiful rooms, the ceiling was painted with beautiful roman mythology, the entire room was decorated with some artifacts… “Wow… ” At that time I couldn’t stop being amused. What interest me so much was the enormous number of  hidden doors, rooms which designed to be a labyrinth, the wall thickness which more than 1 meter, and the total number of King’s bedroom. The purpose of course to prevent assassination. It’s so movie-alike 😀

Hall of Mirrors

Then, we arrived at the “Hall of mirrors”, inside this room we could find 17 windows and facing the windows there were 17 mirrors. It’s quite big also (73.0 m × 10.5 m × 12.3 m). If you guys ever heard about Treaty of Versailles(A peace treaty between Germany and allied forces), it happened in this room.


It took about 1 hour to enjoy that palace, then we were enjoying the Garden. Wait a second did I say garden? It’s plants everywhere as far as my eyes could see. Relative to the palace which around 50.ooo square meter. If I made eight palaces inside the garden they still fit 😀 And this is not all. Louis XVI build a small village for his beloved wife, Marie Antoinette. “Impressive huh.. ” The garden itself has many type of plants and more look like a labyrinth. Suppose if I were left there maybe I couldn’t know which way the exit is.


I really enjoy Versailles it’s so beautiful. If you go to Paris, it’s a MUST-visit site. I  suggest you not to come  in winter, since there won’t be a beautiful garden… hehe.. 😀


  • Je m’en vais, mais l’État demeurera toujours.” (“I depart, but the State shall always remain”) – Louis XIV

A lovely song :)

It’s romantic.. yet not that kind of tear jerker.. love it..  😀