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Return to Indonesia (End of Chapter Eindhoven:Studying)

As my foot stepped into the hall of the Cengkareng airport, I could see many people running to the gate with their hand luggage. My breath felt heavy since the humidity in Indonesia around 90%. The hall was as familiar as ever, dark cream color with red tiles, through hall glasses I could see green garden all around, a peaceful sights, nothing in the hall had changed in these past 4 years.

It was like a dream to me, I recalled that 20 hours ago I was still staring Netherland’s summer sky with its 25 C temperature. Schiphol Airport was really crowded at that time, next to me was two ladies from USA, they missed their flight to Philadelphia, USA. On my other side there is a Turkish family who would like to have their holiday in Turkey. As I sat on that bench and calling, suddenly I realized its already the time for boarding in to the plane.

It took me 5 minutes to be at the boarding gate since Schiphol is a big airport. In front of the boarding gate I gave my boarding pass to the officer. Somehow it was rejected, the officer told me that the seat was already taken, as for compensation my seat was upgraded into business class. Can you imagine that, a business class for international flight, how great that is.



The moment I entered Airbus A-380 business class, my eyes couldn’t stop gazing the place. What a cozy place a business class is. Everything is automatic, windows, chair , you name it… Even the chair can transform into a bed(of course I slept on it)…a big flat screen TV in front of me.. and the best and the irony part is a mini bar besides me. Would like to try the mini bar asap but I need to wait for another 4 hours for my fasting to be over.

After 6 hours of cozy flight I arrived in Dubai. The airport was quite big with many restaurants and shops. Wow…. That’s my first impression. Although it is 1 o’clock in the morning, yet the situation was like in the afternoon.  Many different people from different background were walking around. I felt excited and thought “Ok.. starting today and the next few days I’m not a hobbit”. Although I’m 175 cm tall, yet people in NL have average of 183 cm. Yeah.. it disturbs me sometimes.

Business Class

Business Class

In Dubai Airport I met Cindy, a student of hotel management in Switzerland while I was waiting for my plane to Jakarta.  Although she had been there for more than 2 years, but she didn’t like Switzerland. The reasons were the cold weather with its non-stop of snowing, and  expensive price of all things. She said that she felt happy when visiting to Amsterdam, because of the cheap price of stuffs. *yeah right… * For me, Amsterdam is the most expensive city in the Netherland. Well… what can I say… she came from Switzerland, one of the most expensive country to live.

I was picked up by our family’s driver since everybody was busy working at that time. Greeted by Jakarta’s traffic jam at 19.30 finally I arrived at my brother’s house and met with my brothers and their family. Their expression was “Oh.. you’re getting taller and skinnier” What did you do? “Just do a lot of sports… oh yeah.. I lost 5 kg, fasting in NL is around 18 hours during summer”.  After a long journey, some conversations, and a pleasant dinner finally I could lay down on my bed and said  “Welterusten”.