"Hope and Believe"

A Place to Call Home

It was almost pitch black.. “So many people… and so many vehicle… ”   Traffic jams were everywhere as far eyes I could see from my office on 23rd floor. Time showed it was already 17.30, time to go home.

Suddenly the thick cloud turns into rain cats and dogs. I opened my umbrella and walked home, I saw there were many street vendors, the street was lively as ever. I heard athan for Maghrib was announced in all places. I visit one of the street vendors to buy drink to end my fasting.  Then I continued my journey to go home.  As I open the door I usually have dinner with family and talk about what we have done today.

Jakarta from 23rd floor

Jakarta From Alamanda Tower 23rd Floor

My life is so simple isn’t it? For some people, what I just experienced maybe just another ordinary day, a so so day, but for me this is priceless. There was a time where I saw nobody on the street although it is only around 20.00. Most of the shops are closed by 18.00 When it rains the temperature can drop until 1 C… Yup.. drenched with cold water at that temperature was no joke.

Since I am Moslem, there are mandatory daily prayers I need to perform based on position of the sun. In Netherlands it is challenging to perform daily prayer, for example in May the Fajr time at 03.500 and Isha at 23.21. Also, doing fasting is really challenging, the duration is around 17 hours… (+ you need to go everywhere by bike)

Shalat schedule

Shalat Schedule

In the end, the most difficult thing to overcome not the weather, nor the challenge of praying.  But the moment when you got home there was nobody to talk to, no smile when you opened the door, just a cold dark room waiting for you.  I used to live in Netherlands for almost 4 years without family and during that time I never meet with my family.  It was one of the hardest moment in my life.

I am really grateful that I already return to Indonesia and reunite with my family. All those places in Europe may be just an ordinary one, but what makes it special are friends which help me  during those difficult time and because of you I could  find a place to call home.

To all my friends I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Friends and Families.

Friends and Families.


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