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Angklung Eindhoven part I

“We are going to perform Angklung at Made in Indonesia in couple of days, unfortunately we do not have enough people to do the rehearsal” said Desiree. “So.. how many are we?” A moment of silence, then she answered “4 people confirmed, well… we need 15…. Please also ask your friend to join us!!!”

At that moment nobody will know we will have our own concert show in an acoustic hall, artists such as Jamie Cullum, Backstreet boys also perform at the same building. Nobody thinks that we will travel around Netherland to perform Angklung. Nobody has the slightest idea we will perform in front of Ambassador of Indonesia for NL, also we never know that we are part of the performance in front of the king and queen of Netherlands. This is not a story from zero to hero.. This is just a story of a group with passion, a street performer goes to national concert hall…. This is story about us, story about Angklung Eindhoven.

Our first rehearsal ends up in a disastrous moment, most of us do not know basic music knowledge. They could not count beat. And for me…. “Hey.. where is mi? We could not hear mi is playing at many bars, who is playing mi?” asked our conductor, Ida soesanti. I raised my hand and got a private lessons just to make sure I am playing at the right bar. Although I only played 2 angklungs, but it was difficult to play… Argh…. The rehearsals goes for straight 2 hours in those couple of days. Then, the day came, the sport hall waiting for us to perform(yes, it was sport hall with basket rings on edges). We were too focus during our performance, we forgot everything but the notes, all things were empty. Then we heard clapping from the audience. I think we were success at that time. We were so proud…”Yay!!! We made it guys.. we made it!!!!” Took our first pics together, and uploaded our first performance to youtube. You may guess it.. After our first performance nobody talked about angklung… ever….!!!! The deal was one shot that was it…



Later, it was a really cold december…. Whole Eindhoven was covered by the white and pure snow… I was doing my assignment project when suddenly my phone rang. It was from Desiree again. She asks me to continue the Angklung project. I said yes again. Unfortunately, most of us did not join again. Loosing members always a difficult time for any group. On the other hand we found another new members ready to join us.

In a half year we performed at the biggest musical event in Eindhoven, and 1,5 years later we made our first concert… The unfolded future not yet revealed… We were just a bunch of people playing music…

~~(to be continued)~~

nb: You may search some of our performances on https://www.youtube.com/user/AngklungEindhoven or you can join us. We always welcome new members 🙂